Who We Are

A diverse team with a single vision

A real estate company with a purpose

As an innovative residential real estate firm, we hold strongly to our “Agent-First '' philosophy which ultimately determines how we operate as a company to our agents and their clients.  

Our agents keep more of their hard-earned commission and therefore are able to reinvest more money into creating long-term wealth through real estate investing. We provide each agent with that wealth map for success.

Our realization has been that in order to effectively deliver high quality service, we must continuously live up to the standards that we set.  The way we achieve this is by acting in accordance with our Core Values and Core Focus.

Vra Realty's Core Values

VRA Realty's core values are what drive our company to excel and deliver upon its promise to our agents.  Our ultimate goal is our agent’s success.  These 5 Core Values have been developed over the years with you in mind.  At the end of the day, we see it as our duty to live into our Core Values so we can deliver on our Core Focus.

  1. Authenticity:Being Real and Honest
  2. Integrity:Doing What You Say
  3. Growth:Personal and Professional Development
  4. Contribution:Service to Others
  5. Collaboration:An Open Exchange of Experience and Knowledge

Vra Realty's Core Focus

To empower human potential by providing a pathway to financial freedom.

To be the real estate company of choice for agents and their customers. It can only be defined as becoming one of the leading real estate companies in our area, and a referent within our industry.

To meet and exceed the standards of our clients through our experience and team work approach, and helping the next generation of home owners buy, sell, and invest in real estate. We aim to positively transform our community by cultivating a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and integrity.

Helping to guide our agents in creating a business that serves them and their families is why we exist. There is no greater pleasure than showing someone that unlimited potential that is available to them through real estate.  We want to make a difference in our agent’s lives that they will remember for life while taking what they have learned and showing others.